September 22 2006 Friday at 12:11 PM

Light graffiti in Mississauga

This was taken 5 years ago (ish). My first light graffiti experience.

An accidental long exposure was taken years before in Calgary while camping with the cousins. We were playing with glow sticks and I took a couple of snaps... and presto I was hooked. :)

Each exposure takes about 4-8 trys of 30 seconds to 4 mins long. I first spent a few minutes determining the exposure based on the background and location. This one was simple black..... black means a long of an exposure as I need to draw my image.

Tools: A camera that has the function of a slow shutter (long exposure) A Tripod A trigger (or pocket wizard) A flash light with gels (color transparent paper)

This was a 30 second exposure (shutter), at 100ASA, and F22.

I was inspired by the palm trees when I was in San Diego. So the day I came home I was eager to capture that. I started out by finding my edge of frame by looking through the eye piece and setting small marks on the ground for myself. Then .. there I go.

I think these two came out quite fabulous. It's perfect because it rained an hour before so  you see the reflection of the trails of light.

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