January 13 2010 Wednesday at 05:09 PM

Light Graffiti In Alliston

Like a fire my passion grows for light graffiti (how lame does that sound). Its true. Its a huge addiction. I have preconceived ideas in my head but they never work out. I fly by my gut. When I am inspired I do it. No blueprints, no sketches... ready... set... GO.

Now this whole batch was taking in Alliston at Shawn's house. That is his car.. on FIRE. It was a 4 minute exposure that took about 8 tries to get right. yes that is 4 minute exposure x 8 tries = 32 minutes of time spent. Plus set up, plus other 'stuff.' (mistakes: flare, or incorrect framing, or exposure adjustment) BAH. the list goes on. You need patience for this art.

I love this one. I used my scorpion flash light with a bare bulb (white light) and a orange gel (orange-ish light) it was a lot of fun.. and exercise. I must have burned off a few hundred calories with this one.

This picture was tricky.

I hung little Led lights and flashlights on a sash (black heavy duty string) and mounted these on a clothes line and strong Shawn spun the clothes line. it was a 2 minute exposure which took also 8 tries. It was fun. Everytime we made an exposure we adjusted the lights or framing. Sometimes it was off balanced so we hung lights of different distances.

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