August 22 2011 Monday at 08:13 PM

Light graffiti in Taiwan

On my last day in Taiwan me and my cousin cruzed around in his motorcycle and took a night tour of Taiwan. It was so great.. freezing but awesome still. He drove while I looked for a spark, an inspiration... and I was hit. In the busy streets of downtown Taipei, people and business' were celebrating Christmas. They had lights strung from trees and chinese kids dressed in red silk dresses. I love it. It isn't the usual western Christmas... but still magical.

I set my tripod up on a cement block. I exposed an image for 5 seconds, 10, 15, 20 and 30. In this case I had to expose for a lite (somewhat lite) background, so I could not draw endlessly like I did in other images. I found that the exposure was between 5 and 10 seconds. After a few more exposure test ... 8 was the magic number (how could i NOT have guessed that... I am in Taiwan). So the twinkle fairy light were fantasic and I wanted to play on that theme.

I picked a point on the ground and drew 3 swirls to that point. I tried this about 5 times until i came up with an image I like.

I love it.

Taiwan has a very interesting ways of crossing major intersections.. its like a side walk above ground. Traffic can move as it does and people can walk as they do, no interuptions. Its really neat.

So me and mom found a busy intersection and waited for a car to make a 90 degree turn. Like the above picture, the background was pre-lite so i did some exposure test. I discovered that the perfect exposure is 12 seconds... and here the magic starts. Took about 8 tries again until i found one i was happy with.

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