August 22 2011 Monday at 08:38 PM

Light graffiti in Newfoundland

I touched the most easterly part of Canada, and I LOVED it there. Inspirations of light drawings always hit me on the my last day when I'm away. Its funny how that happens or why that happens. Its seems i need to fully experience the town and culture before i can paint it in my long exposure.

On my second last day I moved from the Delta to Sheraton. So this intersection is right where the hotel is.. where i took this photo. Took a couple test exposures and tad-da. (the above photo is inspired by a shirt from Living Planet)

Living Planet T-Shirts is a screen printing company in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, on the east coast of Canada. We specialize in printing works by local artists on t-shirts and high quality custom printed shirts for groups and events. Our bricks and mortar retail location is 197 Water Street in downtown St. John’s.

So I hit the streets with my camera, tripod and some snacks in my pocket.

I choose two way streets (white front light, red back light on cars) with very high traffic. The photo on the left happened because some Newfoundland passerby er were curious what i was doing.. they actually slowed down and ask.. Ah i love the people there. The result was fantastic.

I did a couple exposure with this camera position. Then I moved onto another street corner (not as it sounds)

That flowery overture was taken on water street. It was trickling rain minutes before which is my favorite time to take light paintings. I love the reflections how magic even a simple street like looks as it dance on the street. This image was not preplanned. I just exposed and let my hands do the work.

This image was a 30 second exposure. At first i disliked the flares created by the street lamps, but i don't mind them anymore.

Someone once told me i can adjust all of that in photoshop.. but i don't like that idea. I like to take the photo and leave it. Any mistakes made Are done. It was captured in that moment in time, when i was in that frame of mind and i do not want to touch anything. To adjust anything would make the image unreal. Anyone can learn photoshop and even fake a light painting, I want to expose it... and enjoy it.

The mistakes i see still are the flares, the unleveled camera and how i drew outside of the frame. I still love it.  This image is of of my favorites exposed that night. Its my iphone background right now.

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