September 01 2011 Thursday at 11:23 AM

Jelly Lens adventure - part deux

After editing my jelly lens post i was inspired for more. I just snapped the jelly adhesive on my bare iphone (AH no case... lets hope this klutz doesn't drop it) and took my flip flops and stepped outside.

We just stained our deck yesterday, after a week of stripping off the old stain, sanding and being covered in saw dust the results are amazing. Dew in the morning. Ah I never thought i would see that again. This was the start to my day.

Mom's garden has some flowers in bloom and some just dying off for the year. I love both. There is so much character.

Their wardrobe is so outrageous. Could you imagine a girl wearing a purple dress with a green hat and a feathered scarf?  Flowers have no shame, they have no insight into how they look. They are beautiful no matter what color, what size, what texture they choose to be. They are simply.. simple. They are special in their own way. And (this is another lame quotes) but we need to "stop and smell the roses." I know i DO, i don't often appreciate natures beauty, and its right under my toes... ah

I should do a 365 daily project of jelly lens photos... oh if only time was on my side.

I may take some more... I love it! :)
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