August 25 2011 Thursday at 03:06 PM

Flower basket

Mom put a watermelon in front of me and said.."i need this carved and completed in 2 days. "

I have never even done something like this before.. how does she expect me to do this? AHHH

So i pulled out my carving kit, i have never used it. My aunt bought it from Taiwan for me when i was a tiny one.

I stared at the watermelon as it quietly stared back. I was defeated. I was scared...

But then a shimmer of hope as i looked at its side. The patterns looks like a flower petal. Then it hit me, i could attempt to carve a flower basket (yes ATTEMPT TO.. is the key word). So here I go, I started with the two edges, two daisy, with big and small leaves a space fillers.

I then worked on the handles of the basket with the jagged edge tool. It turned out quite well.

Mom showed the carving to her students, they were inspired and made beautiful creations themselves. Its great being able to inspire kids. I do enjoy it

I loved this little project. It was a new experience for me. It was very difficult and took two full hours. I can't say i would try this again because it was exhausting, but the outcome is awesome.

It just shows you... you can do anything you try. (i know that sounds lame)
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