September 08 2011 Thursday at 12:47 PM

Why knot?

My newest idea lightning strike.

Taking knots from wood.

There is so much character. It is something we all over look. I was snapping some photos this morning and i realized some knots look like faces, i love it.

I have chosen not to put watermarks on these photos.

I took these with an app called hipstamatic. I think if had time on my side i would take a photo everyday.

I find every photo taken this with app is amazing beautiful, though i am the photographer i am not the creator; and for that reason im not the artist, developers of hipstamatic are.

I will however continue to enjoy it as i love to do already.

We created a new term on set (at work), when something looks every high contrast, or strong in colors we would say "that very hipstamatic," or "this scene is every hipstamatic"

I may make this into a series like my jelly lens series. Its a lot of fun and forces me to enjoy the things up close.... that sounds bad.. forces me.

Fun fun fun. Until next time...

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