September 09 2011 Friday at 09:41 PM

Sightings after prep

First day of prep for the listener is DONE. finito

I took a subway ride home then went to square on to get my new iphone 4 looked at...

I have eucalyptus oil in my purse to sniff (yes i said sniff) when i get dizzy on the subway or bus.

It may have been because i was playing tiny towers  - my new addition other then purses and iphone cases.

My name in game center is 'only1pumpkin' - a nick name pumpkin is giving to me by my fiancee Shawn. We started dating around 2 years ago near halloween. Its a cute nick name

When i get off my bus from square one it takes about 15 minutes to walk home. It wasn't too cool or hot that day, just perfect for a few hipstamatic moments.

Yeah its my weekend filled with relaxation, and cleaning kitchen in preparation for renovation. (that rhythms haha)

I am a poet.

It is the weekend.

I like candy.

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