September 11 2011 Sunday at 05:11 PM

The end of summer

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I sit on my patio. Its my last day of freedom before i start work. Monday I prep for a television show called "Listener." it goes until February of next year. I may be pooped

I like to sit here on weekends have lunch and dinner while admiring moms garden. I bring out my laptop and work on my site, or play games.

It is getting almost too chilly for flip flops. That blows.

I don't want the winter to come! Please don't go summer it's not fair. I haven't enjoyed and appreciated this year. It went by so fast.

Don't go away summer. I didn't get to know you enough. I didn't have the time to go to Wonderland, or CNE or a waterpark.

Don't go away :( I will miss you.

The only thing i have to look forward to, is when fall ends its my birthday. The thing i don't look forward to is my birthday it self... the WORST day ever it could land on.

Guess what it is?