October 11 2011 Tuesday at 12:47 PM

Thanksgiving weekend in Haliburton (hipsta-style)

Thanksgiving weekend marks our 2 years anniversary. I can't believe we have been together for 2 long years. I am very happy, and I had a great fun weekend with Shawn. Since i was young we would go camping with YP (young people) my youth group at Algonquin park. I miss that every year. So this year i asked if we were both NOT busy if we could go camping.

Shawn planned this wonderful trip for us and to top it off, at work on Friday he won the $5 draw (you put $5 in and you can enter your name into the draw,...) the total amount collected was $405... whopee. so our trip plus all the smoked fish and meats we could carry was all covered. That makes me happy.. happier.

We left my house at around 5 am... eek. But we got there just in time for the sunrise, and it was spectacular :) I wish i could relive it again. It was so beautiful. im glad i stuck my hand out into the FREEZING Haliburton air.. and took these hipstamatic snaps :)

We stayed at a co-workers cottage and it was awesome. It had a great little dock that outlooked ducks and wildlife playing (and fishies jumping).

There as a campfire.. which inspired me to do some light graffiti shots (click under 'light graffiti' under photography). I lite up a fire for the first time.. and continued to burn random things. It was fun...

We hiked for a couple KM, went to a GREAT smoke house (Norm's.. you have to go there), went to a pancake house and bought a lot of... not pancakes but syrup and jams. My favorite is Guava Syrup. YUM, and took many many 'couple' photos while hiking and at Ritchie falls.

More to come soon... after i have lunch and charge up my laptop.

BTW... i am NOT excited about coming back to life... it.. is a drag. ah

I wish i could jump into a teleportation device and relive Thanksgiving weekend...

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