October 28 2011 Friday at 10:58 AM

The birds of Alliston

I love birds. I feel I have fallen in love with birds since I have been with Shawn. They are adorable little creatures with such personality.

They wake up quite early maybe around 5 or 6am i can hear them calling me from the window... all 100 of them.

I am awake...

I put on my 70-200mm lens (my new baby), and stood near there bird house and waited. The bluejays are out first thing, there is 2 of them in the area, but they don't like fast movement. You have to gain their trust. Unfortunately i only took 1 photo of them from afar. Once they  know you are they, they won't come back until your gone.

The black hatch chickdees are adorable. They are tiny little buggers and so full of movement. I must have snapped over 200 photos of those birds alone and came out with 50 good ones.

YES i had a fast shutter speed and still could not catch them.

Every couple of minutes i stepped closer. And snaped about 2 photos per bird. First click they would flintch and second click they would fly away. It was unpredicatable where they would land, There were a couple of areas they enjoyed on the metal/wooden stand for the bird house. You had to be fast, i learnt that the 3rd day, i made a huge improvement.

* I love the little chickdees *

I realized i need to buy an 2x extender and not another expensive lens.

The woodpecker would come one in a while... i saw him about 3 times that week. There was a big one and a little baby one. They are beautiful. I love there red bed head :)

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