October 28 2011 Friday at 11:12 AM

Northern Lights

northern lights, Aurora Borealis, angelachaobella, angela chao, chaobella, ontario, alliston, long exposureWow what an amazing experience. I heard about the northern lights a few days after on the news. But i was there, watching this beautiful light show in the sky. It was hard to notice at first, the sky started dark green, then it changed to a brilliant emerald green.

We were outside shooting some long exposure experiments. They turned out well. Shawn noticed the northern lights first. I quickly made a 5 minute exposure to capture the brilliance colors. Wow, i can't explain the feeling i had. I have never dreamed i would see this in.. Alliston of all places.

I made a few 7 minute exposures as well as 15 minutes. Nearing the end of the light show the exposures were longer, close to half an hour to 45 minutes. The lights were slowly dying off and a whisper of fog came in. That was it. About an hour long.

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