October 28 2011 Friday at 11:14 AM

Light Graffiti in Alliston - Part 2

A few new ideas for this light graffiti photo day. I took these the same day as my northern lights photo (view them here)

We hung various lights on sashcore from the beams on the deck, and exposed 5 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute. I need to do a few more test and experiments until i find one i like. It is interesting.. next time i may try it with a person or an object.. It would look super cool.

Next i was reading about lighting steal wool and swinging it.. Well from my test, i learnt that you should have a UV filter on, or the flint may flies towards your lens and burn a chunk off. Believe me, I have the lens to prove it :( My favorite 6.5mm wide angle is now a NICE paper weight.

It was fun. Sad but fun.

I still have to fine the right exposure for this type of exposure. It is a little bit difficult because the fire burns so bright and it is hard to predict where the flint lands... therefore your framing could be completely off...

BTW i do not use Photoshop to change any colors or crop any of my light graffiti photos. I believe it is what is is. I don't like the idea of changing my work. I have been told that i could just simply do light graffiti with a paint brush on a black background.. but where is the fun in that. eesh :)

Enjoy! Hope i inspired some of y'all!

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