November 25 2011 Friday at 04:59 PM

Woodburnt horse plaques

I put my peacock marble piece on my facebook page and an old friend from high school sent me a message. They needed 3 wooden plaques engraved for their 3 horses, Oreo, Chanel and Charlie. I have never done this before....

We met the day after, and they dropped off the wooden plaques at my house. Boy was i excited to start this. I went to Micheals craft store and bought a wood burning kit ($40) and after my physio appointment i started working on it.

I started with Charlie's plaque first. I choose a 'script' writing, It was fun, my first try turned out quite well. Took about 3 hours for this one, I had to keep waiting for the wood burning 'pen' to heat up to the highest temperature to get the DARK burnt look.

The next day i worked on Oreo. Shawn told me it should be like an oreo cookie. I didn't take that suggestion too seriously, but i was searching online for fonts and ideas for this one, and THIS ONE CAME UP. Does it not look similar to the Oreo font? a bit more ornate but still.

Two days after i worked on Chanel's lovely plaque. Chanel is a beautiful black and white horse. She is the princess of the three horses. Believe me i have a wonderful photo of her :) I wanted her plaque to be more girly and cutesy.

I found this Gothic font and added the frills as i wished. I used a burning stamper to make the markings along the oval edges.

This one is one of my favorite....

I am inspired to make a plaque for the front of my house. Next time i go to Micheal ill pick up another wooden plaque.

Can't wait. Hope you enjoy my gallery.

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