Tape Stringer


This styling tape stringer would be the envy of all boring black sash-cord stringers. With 30 colours to choose from the combinations are endless. Great for tool belts, clothe and paper tape stringers.

The 18" tape stringer is great for your tool belt and can comfortably hold a 2" paper tape and 1" clothe tape, great for assistants, grips and electrics. The 2'6" stringer is awesome for a paper tape stringer. The 3'6" size is good for clothe tape and can fit around 10 colours  The 5' Tape stringer was made for a big guy like Stephan M.

Tape stringer strap can hold 220 pounds of weight. Its most likely the carabiner will shatter before the strap is broken.

Custom colours and sizes available. And a funky carabiner will be included.

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